Delivery & Installation

Delivery & Installation

Capital devices are installed and commissioned in Germany by the b o n Service Team. Our authorized and trained distributor network is responsible for installation in other EU and international markets.
Smaller goods will be sent by UPS (7,90 Euro within Germany, international freight costs: price on application) .

Regular delivery times:
Consumables and small equipment 1 to 14 days. Large instruments 1 to 24 days. Special models (eg. examination units) 4 to 8 weeks. All data without guarantee. Decisive is the indication on the order confirmation.

When you order in our webshop from outside of Germany you will at first receive a standard order confirmation without delivery costs (for technical reasons). Please give us some time to find out the freight charges to your address. We will then send you a new confirmation with the complete amount including these charges. Please DO NOT send us any money until the freight charges have been confirmed!


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