Service is our DNA


Since day one our focus on providing quality service has been instrumental to our success. Customer satisfaction is , always has been and always will be the key deciding factor for bon.

Technical service

Remote direct access

These days, a multitude of service and maintenance tasks can be carried out quickly and efficiently via remote service. At bon we have mad a significant investment in hardware and know how. All our IT Technicians are regularly trained to keep up with the latest technology.
We can perform all required service tasks with our remote maintenance tool, always of course in compliance wtih current GDPR laws.The only requirements are that your pc is online and that the bon remote service tool is installed.

Service network

With service locations in Lübeck and Saalfeld ( Thuringia) and our team of 14 Service technicians we are able to provide fast service on location nationwide. All our technicians are kitted out with Tablet pcs allowing them access to all service procedures and the complete client service history.

Our internal team of experienced IT specialists take care of Software installations , updates, data conversions and bug fixes remotely.

Free of charge
Loan unit

For total peace of mind in the event of a service or maintenance, we are happy to provide you with a loan unit. During the warranty period the loan unit would be free of charge. (*subject to conditions)


bon is officially authorised to carry out the MTK Calibration checks, which are legally required in certain countries including Germany. We are trained and registerd to offer this service for the Rebound Tonometers from iCare as well as NCTS ( non contact tonometers) from all manufacturers.

We would be pleased to provide you with a loan unit for the duration of the test.

User Manuals

Here you will find the latest Instructions for Use (IFU) for free download.

Service FTP Server

This area for service downloads is password-protected. In order to obtain your personal access code please contact our Technical Support Team either by phone or mail on:
+49 451 8090000 or

Is my computer suitable for…?

To allow you to prepare for your new device, you can find the official hardware and software requirements for all our devices here. Please consult this information well in advance to ensure that you have the required hardware and software to optomitise the installation and avoid disappointment.