40 Years bon – Keeler congratulates

Many thanks to our friends from Keeler for the congratulations on our 40th anniversary.

We are very happy about the appreciation and look forward to many more successful years together.


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Scout Pro – Your tear film laboratory to go

The new Scout Pro from Trukera (USA) provides quantitative osmolarity values within a few seconds.
The amazing thing: The handy device fits comfortably in your lab coat pocket!
It promises 95 % analytical accuracy compared to a standard laboratory osmometer and also includes sample and room temperature in the calculation.

The Scout Pro is easy, quick and painless to use.
This guarantees high compliance among patients and staff.
The measurement procedure has already been proven a million times over.

Especially for refractive surgery, the osmolarity of the tear film is valuable objective information.
It helps you to avoid sicca-induced refractive surprises.

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40 Years bon – 20 Years DigiPro

Perfect documentation and progress monitoring – quickly and easily at the touch of a button! – That’s why thousands of ophthalmologists worldwide love their DigiPro.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the company and 20 years after the introduction of the first model, bon now presents the 5th generation of the popular digital slit lamp.

It offers magnifications of up to 40x, automatic R/L recognition, a trigger directly in the joystick, ambient lighting and a USB 3.0 interface. Its LED illumination guarantees perfect illumination with an almost endless service life.

The included software allows up to 6 comparison shots and offers helpful tools such as measuring directly in the image and convenient export functions.
Two network licences are included in the scope of delivery.

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Does the Placido OCT replace the Scheimpflug technique?

The MS-39 promises excellent anterior chamber images with particularly high resolution, especially compared to the conventional Scheimpflug camera.

This is achieved by a smart combination of the proven Placido topography with advanced OCT technology.

Image acquisition is exceptionally fast, with very easy operation.

In addition to tomography of the anterior segment, the system enables all conceivable topography applications, pupillometry, aberrometry and tear film analysis.

The ray tracing IOL calculation is perfect for multifocal and toric lenses or post LASIK eyes. The epithelial mapping allows a significantly improved early keratoconus detection and is therefore extremely interesting for surgery planning.

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