Automated Vision Tester Shin-Nippon by REXXAM DR-900

Article number: 1518001

Product description


The optical head of the phoropter Shin-Nippon / REXXAM DR-900 has been designed to be very compact.
It is almost just as small as a common manual phoropter only.


The system provides you with all optical functions required for precise refraction, e.g. time saving auto cross cylinders.


The user-friendly layout and clear colour plan of the touch display guarantee fast and intuitive operation and optimized refraction workflow.

Ready for 3D

The DR-900 offers conventional linear polarization filters (45°/135°) as well as circular filters for modern „3D refraction“ procedures.

Highest Quality

Besides high grade mechanics and precise optics the DR-900 also offers an exceptionally wide measuring range.

Quick & Silent

The DR-900 rapid lens change is virtually silent which means you can refract more quickly and with greater patient comfort.

Ergonomic jog dial / buttons

The intelligent jog dial lets you directly „select“, „adjust“ and „enter“. The buttons have special shapes to enable touch typing and to enhance the operational feeling in every detail.

Free measurement position

The touch panel can be tilted up to 80 degrees. You can measure comfortably wether standing or sitting. The keyboard panel is designed to be slim to avoid interfering with operation.

Compact body & printer

The printer is positioned at the rear to enable a space saving design. It also offers a practical automatic paper cutter. Paper can be changed easily.

Equipped with an IR unit

Can also interface with chart projector via infrared connection

LED Illumination

The DR-900 incorporates LED illumination in the phoropter which iilluminates the near-point chart and allows measurement in dark places

Wide field of view

The head was designed to be as slim as possible, to achieve a brighter and wider field of view at 40°.

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    • Prospekt automatischer Phoropter Shin-Nippon by Rexxam DR-900 (561.19 kb)
    • auto-phoropter DR-900 - brochure English (557.03 kb)
    Manufacturer: Rexxam
    EU rep.: Rexxam Czech Co Ltd. Prumyslova 937, 33401 Prestice Czech Republic