Digital Slit Lamp bon DigiPro ELITE LED USB3 (H-type)

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Product description

A slitlamp from bon – the right choice.

The excellent high resolution optics of our slit lamps have convinced thousands of professionals worldwide for decades.

The state of the art LED light source ensures perfect illumination for each and every examination and is energy saving. The LEDs promise a service life of up to 50,000 hours. They guarantee excellent colour
rendition at any illumination level.

The brightness control is comfortably integrated into the slit lamp base – full control at your fingertips.

The smooth mechanics of the slit lamp base allow you single handed control.

The diagnostic capability is enhanced by an integral yellow filter and the slit decoupling feature (SL-75V/Elite only).

DIN EN ISO 13485 certified quality

All models are produced in the EU by the world’s biggest slit lamps manufacturer especially for bon.
They have been engineered at the highest European standards.

Their ergonomic design, high quality optics and precision mechanical parts provide the user with an unparelled experience while conducting a slit lamp examination.

These slit lamps can more than meet the demands of ophthalmic practice, even those tricky endothelium observations and without any additional light source.

bon DigiPro ELITE

The exclusive “Elite” slit lamps are the absolute top models of the bon slit lamp family.
40 years of experience in ophthalmology have resulted in the most modern premium class instruments.

They offer modern LED illumination and a 5-fold magnification changer up to 40x.

This slit lamp convinces – in addition to the features of the SL-75V – with tangibly optimised mechanics with unique smoothness and smooth detents.

Its excellent, multi-coated optics guarantee the highest depth of field during the examination.

The classic H-type design with illumination from above allows the slit to be tilted horizontally by up to 20° (slit decoupling).

The illumination is controlled directly at the base of the unit.
The slit lamp has a joystick trigger and R/L recognition in the base as standard.

DigiPro makes quality visible.

Experience photos, videos and full-screen live images in unparalleled sharpness of detail.

Even demanding endothelial and fundus shots are possible without the use of flash.
– Simply at the touch of a button!

The DigiPro has been the world’s most successful digital slit lamp for many years, now in its fifth technology generation.

The DigiPro slit lamps are equipped with a trigger in the joystick and automatic R/L detection as standard.

The camera has a professional 3/4 inch chip that has been specially developed for use in ophthalmology.
It provides superior transmission values compared to a conventional beam splitter.

An ambient illumination is included in the scope of delivery.

An automatic white balance ensures ensures exceptionally true-colour image reproduction.

The advanced „Selective Sharpness“ algorithm minimises imaging noise and improves details at high detail at high magnifications.

The clever Multi-Shot function helps you to always capture the intended image.

DigiPro can be integrated into common practice applications via a professional DICOM interface.
A modern USB3.0 interface guarantees fast data transfer and high PC compatibility.

The Phoenix Software

The DigiPro camera module includes the advanced Phoenix software. Its network-compatible database is unlimited and ensures easy and professional image management.

The integrated image processing enables convenient marking, drawing, annotating and measuring directly in the picture.
You can compare up to 6 images – optimal for case documentation.

Phoenix is a multi tasking software platform for the DigiPro slit lamp, the Cobra fundus camera, the Sirius Scheimpflug camera, the anterior segment OCT MS-39, the topographer Antares and the Perseus specular microscope – a world of diagnostic capability.

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    • Prospekt: klassische und digitale Spaltlampen mit hervorragender Optik und heller, langlebiger LED-Beleuchtung (4537.24 kb)
    • Brochure: Classic and Digital Slit Lamps with outstanding optics and bright, long-life LED lighting (4534.48 kb)
    Manufacturer: C.S.O., Costruzione Strumenti Oftalmici, Via degli Stagnacci 12/E, 50018 Scandicci, Firenze, Italien
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