iCare IC200 – the tonometer for measuring in any position, with time-saving Quick Measurement mode

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Product description

iCare IC200 Rebound-Tonometer

iCare ®’s patented rebound technology is a proven technique for obtaining accurate and rapid IOP measurements from all your patients. Measuring requires no anesthesia, drops, air puffs or other preparation.

The iCare ® IC200 tonometer takes reliable measurements with wide flexibility in positioning. An intuitive user interface maximizes clinical efficiency even in the most demanding situations.

Position Freedom

The iCare IC200 tonometer is designed for professional use in the surgical operation room and emergency room as well as the clinic. The IC200 is fully portable, requires no anesthesia and its freedom of positioning allows measuring whether the patient is sitting, standing, half-sitting or in the supine or lateral recumbent position. A high-visibility indicator at the probe base confirms your positioning of the tonometer prior to measurement. A green light indicates measurement will be reliable, a red light indicates incorrect positioning.

Functionality With Comfort

  • Effortless probe loading using the same probe as your iCare TA01i and IC100 tonometers.
  • Simple user menu, available in multiple languages.
  • The momentary contact of the probe with the cornea is harmless and barely noticed by the patient.
  • Wireless (Bluetooth) printing and measurement transfer.
  • A probe cannot accidentally drop from the device.
  • All six measurements required for calculation of a result can be performed individually – or in an automated series
    – at the press of a button.

With iCare IC200 IOP measuring is fast, accurate and reliably repeatable, with individual readings displayed to one-decimal mm Hg resolution.


Now even faster and even easier!

The latest generation of the IC200 offers an additional “Quick Mode”. This innovative feature shortens the measurement cycle from six to three or even only two individual measurements. For the benefit of faster results, it also allows pressure measurements with not 100% correct alignment. The reliability of the measured values is only marginally affected by this.

This means: You can now measure even difficult cases such as restless or anxious subjects without any problems. The faster measurement process is of course also much more pleasant for the test person and also optimises the practice workflow.



The manufacturer of the original iCare rebound tonometer offers a sophisticated concept for perfect IOP management and screening: from the practice standard “IC100”, to the “IC200” for measuring in any position, to the “HOME2” for convenient home monitoring of your glaucoma patients and the “Clinic” analysis software.



Klick here to visit the website of the manufacturer iCare Finland.

Please note: The iCare products are only sold within Germany!

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    Manufacturer: iCare Finland Oy, Äyritie 22, 1510 Vantaa, Finnland
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