Katena disposable HFG Hands-Free Gonio Lens (pack of 10)

Article number: 4072015

Product description

Katena disposable HFG Hands-Free Gonio Lens , STERILE
Optimizes Intraoperative Control and Visibility

• Small, lightweight and hands-free, designed to deliver outstanding balance and secure positioning with minimal pressure on globe
• Innovative glass-like optic offers a 1.2x magnified view of angle
structures and an overall wide view of the anterior chamber
• No flange lens designed to provide greater instrument access and
bimanual flexibility
• Hands-free lens optimizes surgical efficiency putting focus on the procedure and other surgical tasks
• Single-use, sterile device, conveniently packaged and ready for use,
with no need for cleaning, sterilization, or disinfection

• pack of 10 pcs.

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Manufacturer: Katena / SMT
EU rep.: Emergo Europe Prinsessingracht 20 2514 AP the Hague Netherlands