Langstereo® Stereotest 1-R

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Product description

The Lang-Stereotest® I-R is an easy-to-use screening-test designed for early detection of problems with stereoscopic vision of children. In contrast to most stereo tests it does not require glasses, due to the combination of random dots and a lenticular screen.

Target user group: Paediatrician, Paediatric ophthalmologist, Orthoptist, Optometrist, Optician

Main purpose: prevention or early detection of amblyopia.

The test displays the silhouettes of a cat, a star, and a car, each of them appearing on a different level, but only if the person has global stereopsis. When the test is viewed monocularly, objects are camouflaged, except for the star.

Disparity of objects: Cat 1200”, Star 600”, Car 400”

Lang-Stereotests® are well-known and being widely used because of their high reliability to differentiate between children with or without stereopsis (see scientific literature).

The Lang-Stereotest® I-R is a revised version of the Lang-Stereotest® I. It has improved optical and print quality respect to the former version,  and has no monocular clues when used correctly.

New Features:

  • Rounded corners
  • Brief instructions in English on the back of the test card, with a schematic diagram for correct use, mirrored arrangement to the stereo objects and typical pattern of eye movements in stereo-positive subjects.
  • Instructions for use in EU country language (others at
  • New handy and light case

Lang-Stereotest® is a registered brand. This product has been fully designed and developed by LANG-STEREOTEST AG in Switzerland. All rights reserved.

REF 103, CE MD, Class I

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