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(5 different all glass designs available) The NF G-4 design features 4 precisely angled 64° mirrors to deliver a complete view of the anterior chamber angle with slight rotation and a small 8.4mm radius contact surface that’s ideal for both static and dynamic gonioscopy. The NF (no flange/no fluid) design eliminates the need for viscous interface solutions such as methylcellulose. Artificial tears or a thick natural tear layer is sufficient. The NF lens design is available in five handle/ring styles: small hand held ring (25.5mm diameter), large hand held ring (29mm diameter), extended handle (3 1/2” handle), angled handle (3 1/2, 45° angle), and the 2-in-1 handle, which can be removed or re-attached to create a straight or angled handle design.NOTE: The “G” in G-Series mirrored lenses stands for Glass. Volk Glass G-series lenses provide superior clarity and durability compared to acrylic or plastic lenses.

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