“C-Eye” enables corneal crosslinking directly at the slit lamp

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For the first time, the “C-Eye” enables rapid treatment of keratoconus and keratitis directly at your examination site.
The system was developed under the leadership of Professor Hafezi (Switzerland).

With the available mounting arm it can also be used as usual for lying patients.

Continuous and pulsed UV-A radiation with intensities from 3 to 30 mW/cm² cover the entire spectrum of different treatment options for CXL and PACK-CXL.
A thickness-adjusted beam profile distributes the energy from the centre to the periphery.

The C-Eye is CE certified for: Keratoconus, ectasia after LASIK/PRK, pellucid marginal corneal degeneration, infectious keratitis, sterile corneal melting, bulbar keratopathy. The most common crosslinking procedures (Epi-On and Epi-Off) are already pre-programmed.

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