HEINE OMEGA 600 Indirect Ophthalmoscope

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Product description

HEINE OMEGA 600 Indirect Ophthalmoscope
including E4-USB plug-in power supply with USB Cord

Lighter. Brighter. Better. We kept the best and perfected the rest. Highly comfortable, the HEINE OMEGA 600 delivers a new class of technological innovation, along with the new and unique visionBOOST for significantly better diagnostic even in dense cataracts.

Most precise diagnostic, up to the far retinal periphery
– Significantly better diagnostic due to unique visionBOOST
– Sharpest fundus image due to superior glass optics
– Brightest fundus image with true color rendering thanks to our unique LEDHQ – now in even more natural colors
– Best 3D imaging due to our unique Stereoscopic Adjustment Technology in dilated and undilated pupils even with prematures and newborns

Lightest high-end indirect ophthalmoscope worldwide
– Best wearing comfort
– Personalized fit
– Adaptable for right and left handed users
– Flip-up function for more convenient patient interactions

Long-lasting investment due to its robust design
– Maintenance-free, dustproof optics
– Legendary HEINE durability
– Optics firmly mounted on an aluminium frame
– 100% Made in Germany
– 5-year guarantee

Easy and effective disinfection thanks to smoothSURFACE
– No openings
– Integrated electronics
– Available HEINE OMEGA 600 Breath Shield

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