Compass Perimeter

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Product description

Compass Perimeter

The main advantages at a glance

  • Automated standard perimetry
  • Active retinal tracking to compensate for poor patient fixation in real time
  • No attachment lens required thanks to autofocus
  • Hygienic housing design, easy to clean
  • Clear fixation analysis; fixation range and chart
  • High resolution TrueColor confocal retinal imaging
  • No pupil dilation required
  • Test can be interrupted at any time without loss of data
  • Easy to use, quick to learn

The automatic perimeter with active retina tracking

The iCare COMPASS combines visual field testing and fixation loss correction through a real-time retina tracker with TrueColor confocal fundus imaging, taking visual field analysis to a new level.


The iCare COMPASS offers a convenient touch screen, automatic alignment, non-mydriatic operation, an easy-to-disinfect housing and attachment lens-free operation. This makes it patient-friendly and easy to use,  saving you time and optimising your clinical workflows.


The advantage of fundus-controlled perimetry

Fundus-controlled perimetry is a technique that images the retina during visual field testing, providing a reliable correlation between visual function and retinal structure. Retinal tracking is at the heart of this function.


Continuous, automated tracking of eye movements via infrared scanning of the retina enables active compensation for fixation loss, with perimetric stimuli automatically repositioned before and during projection, based on the last eye position.

This ensures an accurate match between the function (i.e. retinal sensitivity values) and the structure (fundus image) thanks to eye movement compensation, which significantly minimises movement artefacts.


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Automated visual field testing with TrueColor confocal imaging.

As a perimeter, the iCare COMPASS offers full compatibility with standard 24-2, 30-2 and 10-2 visual field tests that include age-specific databases of retinal sensitivity in normal subjects.


The iCare COMPASS is unique, providing 60° confocal images of the retina in TrueColor, infrared and red-free, during the visual field test.

The iCare COMPASS is also the first perimeter to provide high-resolution stereo viewing for better assessment of the optic disc.


Simultaneous visual field testing and high-resolution true colour fundus images

The iCare COMPASS is the first fundus-controlled perimeter that can perform standard visual field tests while providing ultra-high resolution TrueColor confocal fundus images.


Powerful, patient-friendly perimetry with easy operation.

Thanks to the automatic autofocus refraction correction of the iCare COMPASS, no attachment lenses are required for the test. This not only reduces examination time, but also avoids lens edge artefacts, speeds up patient throughput and increases patient comfort.

The test sequence can be stopped at any time without loss of data.

The user interface on the integrated high-resolution touch screen and the all-in-one design (no external PC) with 1 Ethernet and 3 USB ports ensure very easy and comfortable operation.

The iCare COMPASS also offers integrated network functions that allow external evaluation at another workstation.


Hygienic and easy-to-clean housing design

All surfaces of the iCare COMPASS can be disinfected with an alcohol wipe.

The external unit design is characterised by a particularly smooth, narrow and convex front. There is no bowl-shaped structure and no holder for trial lenses. This makes the unit extremely easy to clean, for example after patients have coughed or sneezed.


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