Ultra-Widefield Module up to 200° for iCare EIDON

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Product description

The EIDON Ultra-Widefield Module

The early signs of several pathologies are often subtle and may appear first on the periphery of the retina.

The iCare EIDON UWF Module expands the retina field of view, revealing new areas that would not have been discovered with a standard field.


Preserved ultra-high image quality

Thanks to iCare EIDON UWF Module the iCare TrueColor Confocal Technology can be applied

to Ultra-Widefield imaging, expanding the iCare EIDON Family’s unsurpassed image quality to

increased field of view on the retina


Increased field of view up to 200˚

With iCare EIDON UWF Module it is possible to get a wider view of the fundus, imaging 120˚ of the retina in a single shot and even up to 200˚ with the Mosaic functionality, thus revealing signs of pathology outside the standard field and allowing for more thorough detection and documentation of peripheral retinal pathologies.



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