bon T70 symmetric table for 1 instrument and an AIO computer

Article number: 0211013

Product description

The T-70 tables from bon
Rugged Quality Made in Germany
with a powerful lifting column and a fresh design


The electric lifting tables of the T-70 series ensure a safe stand for your equipment.

With their fresh colour design, they match every interior perfectly.
The pleasantly shaped table tops are available in different sizes, each suitable for your needs.
– Whether it’s for one or two devices, with or without a computer.

The modern concept of the T-70 gives you the option to upgrade up to two practical cable guides through the table top very easily.
Therefore the table top has prefabricated perforations.
So all annoying power and data cables disappear elegantly next to the device.

Sockets for the power supply of your devices are located directly underneath the table top.
This means that no additional junction box is necessary.

The motor lifting column is very quiet and reliable. Depending on the requirements it is placed centrally or asymmetrically.
Its extraordinarily large adjustment range also allows comfortable working in a standing position.

Smooth-running castors with locking brakes are available as optional accessories.


This model is fitted with a CENTRAL (SYMMETRIC) table top, suitable for ONE large ophthalmic instrument and an all-in-one computer (eg. Apple iMac).

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